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Company Profile

Ornamental Cornice Pty Ltd commenced over 20 years ago with and initial business plan to develop a large range of ornate and decorative cornice and plaster products for use in the building industry in conjunction with internal design and plaster lining products.

The plan has long since been achieved and in addition to this large range of ornate and decorative products, Ornamental Cornice Pty Ltd has, through a lengthy research and development program, developed a relatively new light weight, extremely cost effective cornice system called Ezy-Cor. Ezy Cor cornice is produced from and expanded polystyrene and is laminated with plasterboard lining. it is aimed at the cost driven sector of the market and is used in conjunction with plasterboard walls and ceilings and is recognised as a plaster accessory product.

Ezy-Cor is extremely user friendly and is produced in our factory at over 30 linier meters per minute,. Its is gaining recognition in the export market and is known in the USA as the crown molding product Nova Crown and is used in the sheetrock industry.

Ornamental Cornice Pty Ltd is also a very active importer of Elephant Plasterboard, Fiberglass, Rovings and Casting Plaster, most of which come from South East Asian countries.

Our future plan is to increase our import/export business whilst continuing to concentrate on local and interstate markets.

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