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Through the ages ornamental plaster products and applications have adorned the most famous buildings of the world. Traditions from the past are the foundations of the future, therefore it is not surprising to see new and modern concepts being archived with with plaster ornamentation. Although mechanization is finding its way into our industry, traditional craftsmanship is still the most important factor that will carry us into the 21st century.

Two generations of knowledge go into our manufacturing technique to produce products of the highest quality. Evidence of this exists in some of Australian's most exclusive up market hotels, shopping centers and other commercial and residential developments.

Ornamental Cornice Pty Ltd commenced operation about 20 years ago from a small factory at Jimboomba. The aim of the company was to provide the local building industry with high quality hand made plaster ornamentation. Since then a lot has happened. Ornamental Cornice P/L is now one of the group of three companies which encompasses manufacturing, contracting and export activities.

The two companies, Ornamental Cornice P/L and Ornamental Contracting P/L work closely together to provide the local building industry with plasterboard cornice, plaster ornamentation, tools and accessories, and also offer the service of installations.

Over the years Ornamental Cornice P/L has developed and Australia wide customer base and offers a large range of cornice, plaster products, fibre glass chopper guns and fibre glass gun rovings, adjustable and standard mitre boxes and various related products to distributors in most states of Australia.

Also available through Ornamental Cornice P/L is the Ezy-Cor cornice system, the lightweight and far more attractive alternative to plain cove cornice and is available in two sizes and three different profiles. Designed and developed by Ornamental Cornice P/L to add style and value at a plain cove price.

Through our third company, Ezy-Cor International P/L, most import/export activities are carried out and new markets are sought and developed constantly.

If we can assist you with current or future projects through our range of products and service, don't hesitate to contact us either by phone, fax or email. We can provide you with a brochure and prices on plaster cornice and ornamentation, plasterboard, tools, metal stud and suspension ceiling systems, ceiling tiles, insulation, accessories, and Ezy-Cor lightweight cornice. Fixing and finishing prices are also available.

More and more architects, builders and home owners are using products and services provided by Ornamental Cornice and our affiliated companies.

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