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EZY-COR is the most user friendly crown moulding on the market today. Its ease of fixing adds to its long list of advantages.

A sharp small tooth saw or knife edge tool is ideal. Power mitre saws are also a handy option.
Walls should be measured accurately. Moulding is cut in a mitre box, with the wall edge up. EZY-COR has a degree of resilence which allows mitres to compress and each mitre fits tight and neat every time.
A good quality adhesive with good filling qualities and minimal shrinkage is required. Apply a bead of adhesive to both wall and ceiling edges, and also mitre ends, then place moulding into position, at the correct projection. EZY-COR Firmly press into position ( no keeper nails are required )
The excess adhesive should squeeze out along the length of the wall and ceiling junction and also mitres and joins. By running a small broad knife or the square end of a small tool along these edges, you will neatly remove the excess adhesive. Then simply sponge off lightly with clean water. Due to the characteristics of
EZY-COR the tightly fitting mitres are quick and easy to finish.
A good quality water based ceiling paint is recommended, avoid build up of paint along members and in mitres. Paint will crack in drying process if applied too thick. As with most internal lining products, spray application is not recommended.
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