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Ornamental Cornice Pty Ltd

Offers you a large ranger of plaster-glass products, which open the door to suit both modern and traditional architecture, as seen in the illustration to the left. Browsing through this web site will reveal many ideas for the use and application of plaster-glass products.
The evolution of ornamental decoration

Through the ages ornamentation of one kind or another have played an important part in enhancing structures o distinction from the first Roman ruins of the temple of Jupiter to this space age concept featured as the centre point of a modern day shopping complex, the styles have changed but the principal lives on.

Modern concepts

Modern concepts in plaster-glass, plaster-glass products are at home with glass leather and chrome, as they are with traditional decor and are leading the industry into the future. The sky is the limit with plaster-glass.
Arch and column Treatments

Columns and Arches can open a whole new world of ideas to create charm and atmosphere.

There are column and arch finishes to suit all different areas of architecture Some are readily available and others are created to your specific requirements.

With some imagination the sky's the limit.
Carves and Sweeps

Ornamentation can be time consuming and expensive. But since we developed new technologies in flexible mouldings, curves and sweeps are no longer a problem.

Through this method you can incorporate sweeps in cornice panel-board and skirting to match your other walls perfectly . You can also match column capitols with your cornice, create circles & ellipses in ceiling enhancement, imagine the design options.

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